Our Approach

Sustainable development is an important key to our long-term work as well as our role in society.


We define corporate responsibility through the use of values of our company “The PetroPrime’ Way”.

These values play an important role in the pursuit of ethical standards, respect and promotion of universal human rights, protection of people and the environment and in creating of a favorable atmosphere for the community in which we work.

We focus on corporate security and also consider all issues in conjunction with the policy of our work including the body of rules for behavior and ethical standards, policy of human rights support and our operational management system. Such standardized approach allows us to build a stable model of corporate responsibility, consider the risks and ensure the growth of security as well as social and environmental measures.

Our approach to achieving sustainable development is presented on three levels and is integrated into all areas of our business:

PetroPrime Company is serious about administration and management issues according to HSE standards. Thereby the company managed to develop and implement the following methods:


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High Standarts

We have been able to build the system that supports safety culture, environmental protection and quality and efficient work.

Industrial Security

Our approach is built on the experience of our colleagues, industrial inspections, annual risk reviews an on the basis of information of world practices.

High Level of Safety

Planning of crisis management helps us to ensure personnel safety, solve effectively issues and avoid potentially dangerous cases of malperformance.

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