Risk Management

Industrial risk management is our key priority for the implementation of reliable supplies and compliance with product quality.

We work in traumatic conditions and risk management is a priority task.

Efficient risk management helps us to work in a qualitative manner and most importantly safely. In order to supply petrochemicals we need to identify all risks from strategic and commercial to industrial.

industrial risks

Our priority is the reliability in the working conditions as the security of employees is absolutely essential. Our objective is to prevent the possibility of causing injury and damage to human health and the environment.

Our industrial activity is in the front line of the protection. We are responsible for the detection and elimination of risks at the production site. In the second line of protection is our team which is engaged in security and production.

The team sets clear requirements, assets risks and offers solutions.

Strategic and commercial risks

We keep tab on the strategic and commercial risks of the company such as climate change, geopolitical risks and etc.

We work on the stability of our business in commercial plan and in plan of environmental protection. The external position of market affairs can also have an impact on our financial solvency, but we actively monitor the situation studying and analyzing various reports and take requisite measures.

Products Quality

Our policy works so that the product should not be supplied to the customer if it does not meet the necessary parameters and criteria.

Management of Your risks

Working with our customers and industry partners we have a number of special purpose solutions for satisfaction of a wide range of needs.


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Business ethics

Ethics is an integral part of our way of doing business.

Development strategy

Taking into account the quality we strive to provide a high-end service.

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