Transportation of petroleum products

We control secure, reliable and universal model of petroleum products supply throughout the region.


The company provides a full range of services for the organization of shipments of petroleum products by rail and road throughout the territory of Kazakhstan

PetroPrime LLP operates and invests in distribution logistics for the timely and safe delivery of refined products to the final recipients of the goods.

Due to optimization and our own efficient supply system built over the years, our services are available to many customers and satisfy the broad tasks of each partner.

Delivery of products is carried out by PetroPrime LLP in accordance with the environmental standards of the company, including taking into account environmental protection.

Existing logistics capabilities

Our network of strategically located facilities contributes to reliability, responsiveness and high quality processes to ensure safe and continuous operations.

Our working group is able to provide various options for the implementation of the project to meet all your needs, including:

1. Uninterrupted supplies
2.Fflexible logistics
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Reliable long-term supplies

Our supply chain fully provides opportunities for a reliable supply of quality petroleum products, in connection with which you can be confident in the stability of long-term supply.

PetroPrime LLP can also offer flexible volume and pricing commitments to help you meet any project requirements.

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