Development strategy

We strive to be the perfect and long-term partner for each of our customer.

Taking into account the quality we strive to provide a high-end service.


Adherence to the security conditions of employees, environment, staff of contractors and partners in the supply of petroleum products is one of the main priorities of our activity.


High standards of work require compliance with the requirements and attention to details. For 8 years we have been able to build the system that supports safety culture, environmental protection and quality and efficient work.

Uninterrupted supplies

PetroPrime Company operates and invests in an interconnected system of supply management so that petrochemicals were delivered to the final recipient safely and on time.


Doing business in a clear and transparent manner is the obligation doing that we work hard and try to promote transparency wherever possible in our industry.

Clear priorities

Firstly we focus on the performance of safe and reliable work as well as efficient operating activity. We pay special attention to our competitive advantages that allows us to carry out our activity more effectively. Taking informed financial decisions aimed at the capitalization and cost effectiveness we maximize cash flows and increase the stability of our portfolio in conditions of variable prices.

Quality portfolio

We are actively engaged in the management of our portfolio and focus our efforts only on those areas where we can at most demonstrate our main advantages. This allows us confidently to build the roadmap of future growth.

Distinctive capabilities

Our competitive advantages have an impact on the ability to operate in accordance with our interests and create high-quality portfolio. We work in order to develop and maintain stable relations with governments, partners, civil society and proved experience of our employees comes to the fore in a wide range of disciplines.


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