We as the company which is responsible for the valuable goods of our customers also pay considerable attention to the health and security of our employees.

We try to ensure the security of people regardless of whether they work on our production sites or live near them. Over the past 8 years we have been able to expand significantly our systems in order to maintain safety cultures.

We work for the achievement of world-class in work performance and try to prevent any possible incidents with the help of a systematic process of continuous development and control.

Personnel safety

Every member of our company has the right to work in safe conditions. For our employees we organize special trainings where we consider different situations, train to identify threats and react correctly and make decisions.

Every employee knows the body of “golden rules” which is specially fixed in the company so that every employee will know and remember about personal security, will be able to prevent potentially dangerous situations and will strictly adhere to all safety rules at all stages of the work.

Health and welfare

PetroPrime is aimed at further observance and development of new programs for the elimination of accidents at work and reduction of contacts with harmful substances.

The health of our employees is our investments. The majority of employees and contractors intend to cooperate with us for a long time and we in our turn intend to maintain and look after health and welfare of everyone in PetroPrime team.