Industrial security is the use of specially developed principles, well coordinated work and practice of maintenance service for the accident prevention.

Accidents are rare, but can do serious damage to people and the environment. Our approach is built on the experience of our colleagues, industrial inspections, annual risk reviews an on the basis of information of world practices.

Proactive approach

Safety reports for threat detection, risk assessment and identification of measures for risk reduction for prevention of unwanted incidents are periodically made in PetroPrime.

We focus on risk management related to the manufacturing process and aim all efforts at product safety.

Training organization

We analyze information about our work in order to understand how well do our systems work and better understand our main risks in security sphere.

This means that we aim our efforts at the improvement of safety metrics. For example, when we understand that the omission of work control is the key factor of the issue we organize training for behavior correcting and issue solution.

Transport safety

We work for safety fuel supply to our customers and vehicles.

We pay a great attention to transport safety as our sites are often located in remote area.


Safe driving remains a priority task. We have the appropriate selection when hiring drivers and attendance rules. Also every employee additionally has instruction and safety training. We understand that transportation of such class of cargoes as petrochemicals is required high-class knowledge from every employee especially drivers


Petrochemicals are delivered to the work sites in rail tankers of intermediary organizations. Rail tankers comply with all safety parameters such as the protection during the fire and presence of so-called “shell” for the prevention of bumps and damage and subsequent fuel filling.