In PertoPrime great attention is paid to the personnel policy, the objective of which is the efficient personnel management, its consolidation and development, the formation of a professional and cohesive team.

The success of PetroPrime’s activity is largely determined by the level of qualification of its employees, who are able to respond promptly to changing market requirements for the achievement of strategic targets and objectives of the enterprise. Therefore personnel recruitment refers to one of the priorities of personnel policy in PetroPrime.

In order to create an optimal balance of the processes of renovation and preservation of numerical and qualitative personnel composition in accordance with the needs, in the company is introduced the procedure of recruitment, selection, hiring and adaptation of personnel according to which the procedure of selection of candidates applying for the vacant position (profession) is established..

Adaptive program is developed with the purpose of adaptation of newly arrived employees that is the entry into the labor collective, adoption of the established norms of mutual relations, acquisition of the system of professional knowledge and skills.

Personnel of PetroPrime are an integral part of our company’s success and we are ready to help them in the achievement of career objectives and professional development.

We have developed the strategy of investing in our employees. Discussions on the improvement of personal qualities are held between managers and employees within the framework of this strategy.

The development of new skills is observed among our employees at every stage of the career ladder.

We provide a variety of opportunities from training during working hours to online and offline courses.

To ensure that our employees understand our policy and know how business processes are implemented in the company we provide such opportunities as versatile training, plans of actions on personal all-round development and training sessions during the lunch break.

PetroPrime has the program of personnel development which includes training, retraining and advanced training of employees.

At the enterprise the great attention is paid to the training and testing of employees in the sphere of industrial safety.

The measures of moral and material incentives of the best employees are widely used.