We are proud of talented people in our company and moreover encourage the advancement of ideas.

Our objective is the creation of an enabling environment for the successful implementation of set objectives and challenges. We treat our employees with respect and dignity and strive to make everyone feels motivation for the maximum realization of their potential.

Involvement is the cornerstone of our values which we call “The way of PertoPrime”. Involvement of our employees in different projects is essential for the development of talented people who help in the development of PetroPrime.

Our company creates the culture that attracts and develops talented people.

Our company learns from the representatives of those cultures with which it works. We value and respect the individuality of every employee.

The work in the company is based on the principles of open communication.

Every year we conduct the survey in which we ask employees to give their opinion on various issues and we identify development areas..

We offer good labor remuneration on the basis of the quality of their work and behavior that reflects our values. Paying for the work of our executive team we draw attention to the work of the company and development strategies.

This structure reflects the long-term nature of this business and importance of risk prevention in the sphere of security and the environment.